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Russ and Alan talk shop about pizza, Sonic, and life.

January 24, 2017

Chapter 61


In an especially large, beefy episode of Hogcast, the boys basically discuss anything and everything. I swear to god we have a google doc, we just decide it wasn't important this week.

Notes: Russ is losing his job, alternative Mario timelines, Meatcraft, Squid’s Guantanamo beef, an in-depth look at the cast of Rocket Power, the first fetish, we spend too much time talking about the Duckiverse, a desperate bid for Vice attention, Alan doesn’t deny we’re friends for the first time (pay close attention) [Note from Alan: I was too busy looking at nudes to pay attention to what Russ was saying and deny it], 100% clean comedy about Streaky the Supercat.

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