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Russ and Alan talk shop about pizza, Sonic, and life.

April 27, 2016

Chapter 47


After a few weeks off, we're back with a new episode, baby. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but does it make our jokes any better? Probably not.

The life and death of GaijinGoomba, Serial was known as Doki Doki Panic in Japan, the ultimate revenge of the Samurai, GATE: Serial with Moe Bergdahl, Naked Drew Carey, Douche Do’Urden, a sobering reflection on fruit.

Russ called Public Enemies producers “the wrecking crew,” they’re actually the Bomb Squad. Alan said Cole Train played Blitzball, but he actually meant Thrashball. Blitzball is the fictional sport in FFX though, It’s Sakamoto-Kun not Sakamoto-San, Melty Blood is a type/moon game and Igarashi is working on Bloodstained, 

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