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Russ and Alan talk shop about pizza, Sonic, and life.

March 1, 2016

Chapter 43


This week we took a cue from our favorite merc with a mouth, Deadpool, and stepped up our irreverence, baby. We’re breaking all four of the walls in this episode so you’d better watch out.

Notes: Never Forget, Carfuckers, Csupoverse, Russ’s Trunk Club,  Ren & Stimpy Had a Baby With iPS Cell Technology, Eggpool, an irreverent tude, Peperami-san@Ganbaranai, sploim.

Robynne Minute: around 35 minutes in

Corrections: Russ was kind of right about gak being another name for slime. While the slime on You Can’t Do That on Television and the Kids’ Choice Awards was always called slime and gak was sold as a fart-producing goo (like Alan said), Marc Summers called the slime on Double Dare “gak” for some reason.

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