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Russ and Alan talk shop about pizza, Sonic, and life.

February 11, 2016

Chapter 41


This week our long-time friend Wes (aka. WeJo aka @WesTheHero) drops by to talk shop and grace us with his delightful Southern drawl.

Notes: Howard the Duck vs. Doctor Who, The 'Za Tower, Scratchin Grubs, Flippin’ ‘Clix, Chaluppie, Jeeves and Wooster and House, Roald Dahl is an anti-semetic fetish fuel, The tragedy of the Vampire, Pizza hut loves the knot, Burgerman chronicles, Cat Dog Canon, The Skittles Diet, when humans have Sonic hands, Wa Brother Politics, Respect my dad!

Corrections: The David Bowie baby was cut from the original Rugrats film but David Bowie music was featured there. Vampires can appear in photos if the author so demands i.e. Dio Brando.
Robynne Minute around 45 minutes,

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